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chochem (plural chochem or chochems)

  1. A wise and learned man, or (ironically) a know-it-all.
    • 1968, Martin Marcus -, Yiddish for Yankees: Or, Funny, You Don't Look Gentile, page 9:
      In acknowledgment to the wise old bearded scholars who helped make this book possible . . . Jerry Barnbaum Morrie Korcngold Gert Korengold Raymond B. Young . . . and several minor chochems their feelings shouldn't be hurt but they didn't help that much.
    • 2005, Gregg Keizer, The Longest Night, →ISBN, page 21:
      "Who the fuck you think you are, chochem, talking to Mr. Lansky like — " Lansky held up a hand to stop Mouse.
    • 2015, Maureen Earl, Boat of Stone: A Novel, →ISBN:
      She is from California, flown halfway across the globe to gather a group of fifteen chochem together on this otherwise perfectly lovely Saturday morning.



chochem (not comparable)

  1. cunning