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English edit

Etymology edit

From Middle English gedde, from Old Norse gedda (pike), cognate with Icelandic gedda (pike), Danish gedde (pike).

Noun edit

ged (plural geds)

  1. (UK, dialect or heraldry) The pike or luce.
  2. (Scotland) A greedy person
    • 1808, John Jamieson, A Dictionary of the Scottish Language:
      He's a perfect ged for silver.

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Danish edit

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Etymology edit

From Old Norse geit, from Proto-Germanic *gaits, from Proto-Indo-European *gʰayd- (goat).

Pronunciation edit

  • IPA(key): /ɡeːd/, [ɡ̊eːˀð], [ɡ̊eðˀ]
  • Rhymes: -eð

Noun edit

ged c (singular definite geden, plural indefinite geder)

  1. goat (animal)

Inflection edit

Scottish Gaelic edit

Alternative forms edit

Etymology edit

According to Ó Maolalaigh, from delenition of early modern (originally copular) gidh, giodh before dentals (< eg. giodh do-bheir ‘though he gives’) or from early modern gé do before compound verbs in do- (gé do-ní ‘though he does’) or in the past tense and conditional mood (eg. gé do chumadar ‘although they made’, gé do bheannaigh ‘though he blessed’, ge d’fhosgail ‘though he opened’).[1] MacBain explains it as a contraction of ge +‎ ta.[2] Ultimately from Old Irish cía (though) or cid (though … is).

Conjunction edit


  1. although, though
    Cha toil leis an leabhar, ged a bha e còrdadh ri a bhean gu dearbh.
    He doesn't like the book, although his wife really enjoyed it.
    Thiginn a steach a rithist ged a chuirteadh a mach mi.
    I would come in again though I were put out.

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References edit

  1. ^ R. Ó Maolalaigh (2023), “An Old Gaelic conjunction rediscovered: Old Gaelic ceni, Scottish Gaelic gar an and related concessive conjunctions in Gaelic”, in North American Journal of Celtic Studies, volume 7, issue 1, →DOI, pages 1-87
  2. ^ MacBain, Alexander; Mackay, Eneas (1911), “ged”, in An Etymological Dictionary of the Gaelic Language, Stirling, →ISBN, page 192

Volapük edit

Noun edit

ged (nominative plural geds)

  1. grey

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