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hoik (plural hoiks)

  1. (cricket) a wild hook shot played without style
  2. (New Zealand) spittle.


hoik (third-person singular simple present hoiks, present participle hoiking, simple past and past participle hoiked)

  1. To play such a shot.
  2. To lift something up wildly.
  3. To throw something out.
    • 1960, P. G. Wodehouse, Jeeves in the Offing, chapter VIII:
      “What are your plans now?” “I propose to hoik you out of that chair and seat myself in it and take that book, the early chapters of which I found most gripping, and start catching up with my reading and try to forget.”
  4. (New Zealand) to spit.




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Related to Finnish hoikka.



  1. thin
  2. slim, slender
  3. high (of the voice)


Inflection of hoik
nominative sing. hoik
genitive sing. hoikan
partitive sing. hoikad
partitive plur. hoikid
singular plural
nominative hoik hoikad
accusative hoikan hoikad
genitive hoikan hoikiden
partitive hoikad hoikid
essive-instructive hoikan hoikin
translative hoikaks hoikikš
inessive hoikas hoikiš
elative hoikaspäi hoikišpäi
illative  ? hoikihe
adessive hoikal hoikil
ablative hoikalpäi hoikilpäi
allative hoikale hoikile
abessive hoikata hoikita
comitative hoikanke hoikidenke
prolative hoikadme hoikidme
approximative I hoikanno hoikidenno
approximative II hoikannoks hoikidennoks
egressive hoikannopäi hoikidennopäi
terminative I  ? hoikihesai
terminative II hoikalesai hoikilesai
terminative III hoikassai
additive I  ? hoikihepäi
additive II hoikalepäi hoikilepäi

Derived termsEdit


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