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From in- +‎ flood. Compare Dutch invloed (influence), English inflow (noun).


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inflood (plural infloods)

  1. The act or process of flowing or flooding in; inflow; influence, tide.
    • 1850, The Eclectic Magazine of Foreign Literature, Science, and Art:
      The Spectator went far in working the change desired by Swift, a stop having been put to the inflood of Latin words.
    • 1870, The Church of England Magazine:
      Those old arguments in favour of Rome's authority to prescribe doctrines, to regulate the whole of human faith and conduct, which had been silenced by the learned research and heartfelt vigilance of a former generation, were not at hand. But during the last few years men have been raised up to the rescue of religious liberty, and are stemming back the inflood of papal intolerance.
    • 1899, American Society of Civil Engineers, ‎Sir Humphry Davy, ‎John Davy, The collected works of Sir Humphry Davy:
      [...] the sides of the entrance works have been forced inward to some extent, the bottom of the dock has been uplifted, and, where defects in the work have existed, an inflood of water, once set up, has resulted very disastrously, and endangered  [...]
    • 1918, Richard Joseph Purcell, Connecticut in Transition:
      Yet it was not the less real, as was clearly demonstrated, when they were forced to defend their privileges in the name of the Federalist party against an inflood of democracy which came with the diffusion of political education.
    • 2012, Professor Helmut K K. Anheier, ‎Helmut K. Anheier, ‎Mark Juergensmeyer, Encyclopedia of Global Studies - Page 902:
      It is no surprise that the North is receiving an inflood of legal and illegal immigrants as communications improve, for the quickest way for the average southerner to multiply his or her consumption many times is to hop across a border into the [...]
    • 2014, Sister Nivedita, Studies from an Eastern Home:
      One thinks of the cry of the Jew, sonorous through the ages the Jew, who loved not the sea, but lifted his eyes to the hills, to find his help, and lost himself, between"I" and "thee," in an inflood of blessedness: […]