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ku- +‎ -kaan


  • IPA(key): /ˈkukɑːn/, [ˈkukɑːn]
  • Rhymes: -ukɑːn
  • Syllabification: ku‧kaan



  1. (indefinite, in question clauses) anybody, anyone.
    Tietää kukaan, missä se on?
    Does anybody know where it is?
  2. (indefinite, with a negation verb form) no-one, none, nobody, not ... anybody/anyone.
    Kukaan ei halua sellaista tulevaisuutta lapsilleen.
    None wants that kind of future for their children.
    Älkää puhuko tästä kenellekään!
    Don't talk to anyone about this!


  • All the cases of kukaan, except for the nominative singular, are old-fashioned. They can sometimes be used e.g. to arouse listeners' or readers' attention. In modern Finnish those cases have been replaced by the corresponding cases of kenkään — the nominative kenkään is, however, used only in poetic language, and even there very infrequently.
  • Several of the singular cases of "ken" can be shortened by dropping -en from the stem, e.g. kenellekään > kellekään.
  • Note like all Finnish personal pronouns, "kenkään" has the accusative form, kenetkään.
  • There are also the abessive cases, but they are very infrequently used.
  • There are also the instructive, temporal and causative cases, but they have by their meanings completely diverged from kukaan.

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