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From Latin laxāre, present active infinitive of laxō.



a lăsa (third-person singular present lasă, past participle lăsat1st conj.

  1. (transitive) to let, to allow
    Lasă-mi -ți-o arăt.
    Let me show it to you.
  2. (transitive) to drop, to leave
    Am lăsat cartea acasă.
    I left the book at home.
    L-am lăsat liber!
  3. (intransitive) to not mind
  4. (reflexive, with accusative) to allow oneself
  5. (reflexive, with accusative) to give way
    Se lasă seara.
    It's getting dark.
  6. (reflexive, with accusative) to give up
    a se lăsa
    to give up
    a se lăsa de ceva
    to give up something


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