From Late Latin lanceāre, present active infinitive of lanceō, from Latin lancea. Compare Catalan llançar, French lancer, Occitan and Portuguese lançar, Spanish lanzar.



lanciare (transitive)

  1. to throw; to chuck; to sling; to launch
    Synonyms: gettare, scagliare, scaraventare, buttare, gettare lontano, proiettare, emettere
  2. (of animals) to set off or trigger at full speed
    lanciare i cani all'inseguimento del ladro
    to set off the dogs to run after the thief
  3. (figuratively) to launch (a new product, etc.)
    Synonyms: presentare, divulgare, far conoscere, pubblicizzare, reclamizzare, introdurre
  4. to impetuously utter
    lanciare un gridoto impetuously let out a yell
  5. to spotlight (someone) (or otherwise direct to the public eye)
    lanciare un attoreto spotlight an actor
  6. to direct or address
    lanciare un occhiataccia a luito give him a dirty look (lit. direct a dirty look to him)
  7. to introduce someone to a new environment or field
    la madre l'ha lanciato nel campo biologico
    the mother introduced him to the field of biology
  8. to strongly or loudly propose
    Synonyms: proporre, promuovere, sostenere
    lanciare una propostato put forward a proposal
  9. (archaic) to pierce
  10. (archaic) to torment


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