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A Bengali boy wearing a lungi.

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From Hindi लुंगी (luṅgī)/Urduلنگی(lungī).

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lungi (plural lungis)

  1. A garment worn around the waist, especially by men, in Southern India, Bangladesh, Burma, and Pakistan.
    • 2000, Zadie Smith, White Teeth, London: Penguin Books, published 2001, →ISBN, page 152:
      Samad [] regularly wore a long piece of embroidered grey cotton, a lungi, wrapped round his waist.

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From Latin longē.

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  1. (literary) distant, far
  2. (followed by da) far (from)

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  1. plural of lungo

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From lung. Also possibly from a Vulgar Latin root *longīre for Latin longīscēre, present active infinitive of longīscō.

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  • IPA(key): /lunˈd͡ʒi/
  • (file)

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a lungi (third-person singular present lungește, past participle lungit) 4th conj.

  1. to lengthen, elongate, extend
  2. to prolong

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