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Back-formation from Old French marteaus, plural of martel, from Late Latin martellus, from martulus, variant form of marculus, diminutive of Latin marcus, or from malleus.

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  • IPA(key): /maʁ.to/
  • (file)

Noun edit

marteau m (plural marteaux)

  1. a hammer used for pounding
  2. a machine tool that pounds
  3. a hammer-shaped tool used to hit something, such as a gavel
  4. a rapper; a door knocker
  5. (music) a piano or dulcimer hammer
  6. (anatomy) the malleus
  7. (athletics) a throwing hammer
  8. (technical) a hammer with bas relief marks used to create imprints on wood, leather etc.
  9. (curling) the advantage of throwing the last stone
  10. (clockmaking) the part of a clock that strikes the bell

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marteau (plural marteaux)

  1. (dated, informal) crazy; deranged

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