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Etymology edit

Borrowed from Sanskrit मात्रा (mātrā, measure, small quantity).

Noun edit

matra (plural matras)

  1. (music) In Indian music, the smallest rhythmic unit of a tala.
  2. In Indian poetics and linguistics, a measure of the length of a syllable; equivalent to mora.
  3. The characteristic horizontal line drawn above characters in some Indic scripts.
  4. An intra-syllabic vowel symbol in Indic scripts.

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Indonesian edit

Etymology edit

From Sanskrit मात्रा (mātrā, measure). Doublet of meter.

Pronunciation edit

  • IPA(key): [ˈmat̚ra]
  • Hyphenation: mat‧ra

Noun edit

matra (first-person possessive matraku, second-person possessive matramu, third-person possessive matranya)

  1. dimension, measure of spatial extent.
    Synonym: dimensi
  2. matra,
    1. (music) a measure of cadence pressure.
    2. (poetic) a measure of the length of a syllable; equivalent to mora.

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Javanese edit

Romanization edit


  1. Romanization of ꦩꦠꦿ

Maore Comorian edit

Etymology edit

From Proto-Bantu *màkútà, with an internal deletion of -fu-.

Noun edit

matra class 6

  1. oil

References edit

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