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  1. possessive case of men: belonging to some or all male humans.
  2. Short for men’s room: a lavatory intended for use by men.
    • 1898, The Hotel/Motor Hotel Monthly, Vol. 6, p. 27:
      A gents' toilet room might be found in a house that caters for the cheaper class of theatrical patronage, where the slangy language of the "goin' to the mat this aft?" style prevails. A gents toilet room is not found in the Southern Hotel. It either "men's" or "gentlemen's".
  3. Short for men's department: an area selling clothing for adult males in a department store.

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Distinguished from man's, which as a collective noun, refers to all mankind in every gender. Not to be used as a form of men, the simple plural.


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men's (not comparable)

  1. Intended for use by men.


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