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From ne- +‎ pareizs (right, correct) (with pareizs from pa reizi, originally a prepositional phrase meaning “in order”).[1]


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nepareizs (definite nepareizais, comparative nepareizāks, superlative visnepareizākais, adverb nepareizi)

  1. wrong, incorrect (which contains errors, e.g. in its realization, calculation, etc.)
    nepareizs aprēķins, tulkojumswrong calculation, translation
    nepareizs skaņdarba izpildījumsincorrect musical performance
    nepareizs uzdevuma atrisinājumsincorrect problem resolution
    spert nepareizu solito make a wrong step (= to make a mistake)
  2. wrong, incorrect (which is not in agreement with reality, truth, science, practical knowledge; which does not lead to the desired results)
    nepareiza teorijaincorrect theory
    nepareizs uzskatswrong belief
    nepareiza rīcība, politkawrong action, policy
    jūs esat sev izveidojis nepareizu priekšstatu par maniyou have created for yourself a wrong impression about me
  3. wrong, improper, inadequate, inappropriate (in agreement with existing rules, norms, requirements)
    nepareiza vārda izrunawrong word pronunciation
    nepareizi sejas vaibstiimproper, inadequate facial features
    nepareiza attīstība, audzināšanaimproper development, education
    nepareiza redzeinadequate vision, eyesight




Derived termsEdit


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