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Etymology 1Edit

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Particularly: “Another example of the instability of *ʄ ~ *ɟ; the form giổ (obsolete) is also attested. This case is the exact same as North Central chôông vs. mainstream nhông (agama) and giông (salamander), and the reverse of North Central nhôông vs. mainstream chồng (husband).”

Alternative formsEdit

  • (North Central Vietnam) chỗ


nhổ (𭉷)

  1. to spit, to spit out
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Etymology 2Edit

From Proto-Vietic *ʄoh.


nhổ (𢭵, 𢮫, 𢯚)

  1. to pull out something that's planted firmly into a surface, such as a tooth, a hair, a feather, a blade of grass, etc.
    nhổ răng/tóc bạc/cỏto pull out a tooth/a gray hair/weed
    • 1957, Đoàn Giỏi, chapter 17, in Đất rừng phương Nam, Kim Đồng:
      Thằng bé kéo tay tôi, bảo nhỏ. – Nhổ lông chim mướn đấy. []
      The boy pulled my hand and said quietly, "They are searching for someone to pluck feathers there. []"
  • (to pull out something firmly planted into a surface): nhể
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Derived terms

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