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Etymology 1Edit


nhổ (𭉷)

  1. to spit, to spit out

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Etymology 2Edit

From Proto-Vietic *ʄoh.


nhổ (𢭵, 𢮫, 𢯚)

  1. to pull out something that's planted firmly into a surface, such as a tooth, a hair, a feather, a blade of grass, etc.
    nhổ răng/tóc bạc/cỏto pull out a tooth/a gray hair/weed
    • 1957, Đoàn Giỏi, chapter 17, in Đất rừng phương Nam, Kim Đồng:
      Thằng bé kéo tay tôi, bảo nhỏ. – Nhổ lông chim mướn đấy. []
      The boy pulled my hand and said quietly, "They are searching for someone to pluck feathers there. []"

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