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noise +‎ -y

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noisy (comparative noisier, superlative noisiest)

  1. Making a noise, especially a loud unpleasant sound
    Synonyms: clamorous, vociferous, turbulent, boisterous
    the noisy crowd.
  2. Full of noise.
    a noisy bar
  3. Unpleasant-looking and causing unwanted attention
    noisy clothes
  4. (technical) Accompanied by or introducing random fluctuations that obscure the real signal or data
    • 2024 March 28, Nate Silver, “How culture trumps economic class as the new political fault line”, in Silver Bulletin[1]:
      Looked at more carefully, and over a longer time period, the relationship between the economy and the incumbent’s performance is positive, but noisy. “The incumbent wins when the economy is good” is a useful, weak prior, but not an iron law, and one that historically has had many exceptions.

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