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From Old Swedish sætia, from Old Norse setja, from Proto-Germanic *satjaną.


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sätta (present sätter, preterite satte, supine satt, imperative sätt)

  1. (reflexive) to sit; to move oneself into a sitting position
    Jag satte mig på stolen
    I sat down on the chair
    Sätt dig upp!
    Sit up!
  2. to put or place; to make to stick or adhere to
    Han satte klistermärket på armen
    He put the sticker on his arm
  3. to set; to put something (in particular, something immovable)
    Synonym: (in many cases) ställa
    Du kan sätta skålen på bordet
    You can set the bowl on the table
  4. to set or adjust; to choose a setting
    Synonym: ställa
    Han satte svårighetsgraden till medium
    He set the difficulty to medium
  5. to set; to assign work to
    Läraren satte sina elever på att läsa romanen över helgen.
    The teacher set his students to read the novel over the weekend.
  6. to plant certain plants, such as potatoes or onions
    Synonyms: plantera,
    De satte potatis varje år
    They planted potatoes every year
  7. to set; to arrange; to prepare a text for printing
    Synonym: typsätta


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  • Westrobothnian: sett’

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