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From Proto-Germanic *sōkniz (examination; contest; struggle).



sōcn f (nominative plural sōcna)

  1. a seeking; search; exploration
  2. a desiring; attempt to acquire (something); probing
  3. a visit; visiting
  4. a place of attendance; a resort
  5. protection; refuge; sanctuary; asylum
  6. a seeking with hostile intent; an attack
  7. (Anglo-Saxon law) Frequently used in connection with sacu: the exercise of judicial power; jurisdiction; right of inquisition; right of seeking, taking, or levying fines; revenue
    Ic an heom ealswā ðæt hȳ habben ðrofer saca and sōcna.(please add an English translation of this quote)


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  • Middle English: soken, soke