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Non-Sino-Vietnamese reading of Chinese (SV: ). Doublet of . Feudal Han or Nom teachers were generally male, hence the strictly modern use for male teachers.



thầy (, )

  1. (only in compounds) Buddhist monk; expert
    thầy cãia lawyer
    thầy langa practitioner of East Asian alternative medicine
  2. (historical, now literary) a teacher
    Muốn sang thì bắc cầu kiều
    Muốn con hay chữ thì yêu lấy thầy
    Want to cross a river? Build a bridge
    Want your children educated? Show their teacher some love
  3. male teacher
    Synonym: thầy giáo
  4. (dialectal, Northern Vietnam) a father
    thầy mẹ/uparents

Derived termsEdit

Derived terms



  1. I/me, your male teacher
  2. you, my male teacher
  3. he/him, that male teacher we're talking about
  4. (dialectal, Northern Vietnam) I/me, your father
  5. (dialectal, Northern Vietnam) you, my father
  6. (dialectal, Northern Vietnam) he/him, your/my father

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