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Sino-Vietnamese word from (ten-day period).

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  1. week (any period of seven consecutive days)
    nghỉ hè tám tuần
    to go on an eight-week summer holiday
  2. week (period of seven days in the Gregorian calendar beginning with Sunday or Monday)
  3. one of three ten-day periods in a month in the Vietnamese calendar; a week
  4. a decade of age
  5. a time period
  6. instance, occurrence
    tuần rượu
    a drink (of alcohol)
    tuần hương
    the burn time of a stick of incense
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As the Gregorian calendar has displaced the Vietnamese lunisolar calendar as a civil calendar, this word has become more closely associated with the former's seven-day week than the latter's ten-day week. Tuần lễ is often used for clarity or emphasis.

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Sino-Vietnamese word from

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  1. Clipping of đi tuần (to patrol).
  2. Clipping of tuần tra (to patrol).

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  1. Clipping of tuần phủ.

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