See also: æf, AEF, A.E.F., and A. E. F.
See also: af , ef

Old EnglishEdit

Alternative formsEdit


From Proto-Germanic *ab ‎(from). Akin to Old English af, of "from, of, off".



  1. (nominal prefix variant of af-, of-) suffix added to nouns and nominal deverbal derivatives meaning away, off, from, away from
    æfþunca, æfþanca "offense", from ofþyncan "to offend, insult"
    æfgrynde "abyss"
  2. denotes absence, detriment or reduction; dis-, de-, un-
    æfweard "absent; distant"
    æfwyrþ "degradation; disgrace"
    æfwyrdla "damage"
    æfwela "decrease in wealth", from wela "wealth"

Derived termsEdit

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