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From Ancient Greek ἐκτελῶ (ektelô, to complete, to bring to an end), from ἐκ (ek, from, out of) + τέλος (télos, completion, end). Sense 2 is a semantic loan from French exécuter. Sense 3 developed in Byzantine Greek.


  • IPA(key): /ekteˈlo/
  • Hyphenation: εκ‧τε‧λώ


εκτελώ (ekteló) (simple past εκτέλεσα, εξετέλεσα, passive εκτελούμαι)

  1. (transitive) carry out, execute, do (put into effect)
    Εκτέλεσα τις εντολές του.Ektélesa tis entolés tou.I carried out his orders.
    Εκτελώ τα καθήκοντά μου.Ekteló ta kathíkontá mou.I do my duty.
  2. (transitive, law) execute, kill (put to death, both by judicial process or unlawfully)
    Εκτελέστηκε δι' αποκεφαλισμού.Ekteléstike di' apokefalismoú.He was executed by decapitation.
    Η τρομοκρατική οργάνωση εκτέλεσε νεαρό.I tromokratikí orgánosi ektélese nearó.The terrorist group killed a young person.
  3. (transitive, music) perform, execute (give a performance of)
    Εκτέλεσαν άψογα το κομμάτι του Μότσαρτ.Ektélesan ápsoga to kommáti tou Mótsart.They performed Mozart's piece brilliantly.


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