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Etymology edit

Ultimately from Proto-Indo-European *terh₁- (to rub). Cognate with Latin tero.

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Verb edit

τρῑ́βω (trī́bō)

  1. to rub
  2. to grind, thresh, pound
  3. to waste, ravage
  4. to rub away, grind down, wear away
  5. to wear out

Inflection edit

Derived terms edit

Descendants edit

  • Greek: τρίβω (trívo, to rub, to grate)

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Greek edit

Etymology edit

From Ancient Greek τρίβω (tríbō).

Pronunciation edit

  • IPA(key): /ˈtri.vo/
  • Hyphenation: τρί‧βω

Verb edit

τρίβω (trívo) (past έτριψα, passive τρίβομαι)

  1. (cooking) to grate, grind
    τρίβω το τυρίtrívo to tyrígrate the cheese
  2. to rub, chafe

Conjugation edit

Synonyms edit

Derived terms edit

  • τριμμένος (trimménos, grated, participle)
  • τετριμμένος (tetrimménos, commonplace, overused, participle with reduplication) (formal, figurative sense) from Ancient Greek

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See also edit

  • (similar meaning) θραύω (thrávo, to break)
  • (similar form and sound, paronym) στρίβω (strívo, to twist, turn)