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From Old East Slavic лѣзти (lězti), from Proto-Slavic *lězti (to crawl, climb).


  • IPA(key): [lʲesʲtʲ]
  • (file)


лезть (leztʹimpf (perfective зале́зть or влезть or поле́зть)

  1. to climb (up, on to), to scramble
    лезть на сте́нуleztʹ na sténuto climb up the wall
  2. to clamber, to crawl, to scramble (through, into, under)
  3. to get (into); to thrust the hand (into)
    лезть в во́дуleztʹ v vóduto get into the water
    лезть в дра́куleztʹ v drákuto get into the fight
  4. to thrust oneself (upon); to intrude (upon)
    Не лезь ко мне!Ne lezʹ ko mne!Don't touch me! / Don't intrude on me! (protest to sexual advances)
  5. to meddle (in, with)
  6. to fit (into)
    Боти́нки ему́ не ле́зут.Botínki jemú ne lézut.He can't get the boots on.
  7. to fall out, to come out (of hair or fur)
  8. to stick out, to be conspicuous
  9. to slip out of position
  10. to come on, to do something despite obstacles or objections
  11. to try to climb, to try to reach a better position in life
  12. to come to pieces (of cloth or leather)
  13. used in idioms:
    лезть из ко́жи вонleztʹ iz kóži vonto go all out, to bend over backwards (get out of own skin)
    не лезть за сло́вом в карма́нne leztʹ za slóvom v karmánto have a ready tongue, not to be at a loss for a word, to have a way with words (not to rummage for a word in the pocket)
    лезть кому́-либо в ду́шуleztʹ komú-libo v dúšuto worm oneself into smb.'s confidence (to get into somebody's soul)
    лезть не в своё де́лоleztʹ ne v svojó déloto poke one's nose into other people's affairs; to pry
    хоть в пе́тлю лезтьxotʹ v pétlju leztʹI am at my wit's end (ready to get a noose to hang myself)


Derived termsEdit




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