From Proto-Mongolic *üje- (to see). Compare Dongxiang uzhe.



үзэх (üzeh) (Mongolian spelling ᠦᠵᠡᠬᠦ (üǰekü))

  1. to see
    Synonym: харах (harah)
    Тэр кино үзнэ.
    Ter kino üzne.
    He sees/will see a film.
  2. to inspect, to investigate
    Synonym: шинжлэх (šinžleh)
  3. to verify
    Synonyms: хянах (hjanah), шалгах (šalgah), магадлах (magadlah)
  4. to learn, to study
    Synonym: сурах (surah)
  5. to experience, to undergo
    Synonym: туулах (tuulah)
  6. to empathize
  7. to test
    Synonyms: сорих (sorih), шалгах (šalgah), турших (turših)
  8. (after verb in ()) to try, to attempt
  9. to strive, to try hard
  10. (after гэж (gež)) to consider that, to reckon that
  11. (with dative or болон (bolon)) to deem, to treat as
    Synonym: тооцох (tootsoh)
  12. (archaic) to prophesy

Derived termsEdit