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Perhaps from a Turkic language, see Common Turkic *aš. [1], however there seems to be an unexplained mismatch in vowel length.

Compare Azerbaijani , Bashkir аш (), Yakut ас (as).

Alternatively, inherited from Middle Persian [Term?] (/āš/), a hapax legomenon found in the Vendidad, although this word is claimed to be misread [2].

Connections with Sanskrit आश (āśa, food) are also sometimes proposed, but the correspondance would not be regular.


  • IPA(key): /ʔɒːʃ/


Dari Persian آش
Iranian Persian آش
Tajiki Persian ош ()

آش (âš) (plural آش‌ها(âš-hâ))

  1. thick Persian-style soup
  2. pottage

Derived termsEdit


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