See also: أندر‎, انذر, and أنذر

Hijazi Arabic edit

Pronunciation edit

Verb edit

اندر (andur)

  1. second-person singular imperative of نَدَر(nadar)

Persian edit

Etymology edit

From Middle Persian 𐭡𐭩𐭭(BYN /⁠andar⁠/), from Old Persian 𐎠𐎫𐎼 (aⁿtar, among, within), from Proto-Iranian *Hántarah, from Proto-Indo-Iranian *Hántaras, from Proto-Indo-European *h₁énteros (inner, what is inside).

Pronunciation edit


Classical reading? andar
Dari reading? andar
Iranian reading? andar
Tajik reading? andar

Preposition edit

اندر (andar)

  1. Archaic and poetic form of در(dar, in; inside)

Usage notes edit

  • After the twelfth century, the shortened در(dar) becomes increasingly dominant, although اندر(andar) is still used in poetry for metrical and intentionally archaicizing purposes.

Related terms edit

Urdu edit

Etymology 1 edit

Borrowed from Classical Persian اندر(andar, inside, within).

Preposition edit

اندر (andar) (Hindi spelling अन्दर‎)

  1. inside
  2. within
  3. in
Related terms edit

Etymology 2 edit

Inherited from Sanskrit उन्दुर (undura), उन्दुरु (unduru), उन्दरु (undaru), etc. from a lost Vedic substrate.

Noun edit

اندر (indurm (Hindi spelling इन्दुर)

  1. rat
  2. mouse

Etymology 3 edit

Semi-learned borrowing from Sanskrit इन्द्र (indra).

Compare Punjabi اندر(iṇdar), Kalasha اِن(in), Kamkata-viri ایںدر(ī˜drʻ), and Prasuni اِندر (indr).

Proper noun edit

اندر (indarm (Hindi spelling इन्द्र)

  1. (Vedic religion) Indra, deity of rain and thunder
Derived terms edit

Etymology 4 edit

Semi-learned borrowing from Sanskrit अनिद्र (anidra).

Adjective edit

اندر (anidar) (Hindi spelling अनिद्र)

  1. awake
  2. wakeful
  3. sleepless

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