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e kʰ ˆ ā
e g ˋ ā
Royal Institutekhao
(standard) IPA(key)/kʰaw˥˩/(R)

Etymology 1 Edit

From Proto-Tai *χawꟲ (to enter). Cognate with Lao ເຂົ້າ (khao), Northern Thai ᨡᩮᩢ᩶ᩣ, ᦃᧁᧉ (ẋaw²), Tai Dam ꪹꪄ꫁ꪱ, Tai Nüa ᥑᥝᥲ (xàw), Shan ၶဝ်ႈ (khāo), Ahom 𑜁𑜧 (khaw), 𑜁𑜨𑜧 (khow), 𑜁𑜧𑜈𑜫 (khaww) or 𑜁𑜨𑜧𑜈𑜫 (khoww), Nung khàu, Bouyei hauc, Zhuang haeuj.

Alternative forms Edit

Alternative forms

Verb Edit

เข้า (kâo) (abstract noun การเข้า)

  1. to move in or inwards: to come in, to go in, to enter, etc; to cause to do so.
  2. to arrive.
  3. to include.
  4. to insert; to mix; to mingle.
  5. to match; to fit together.
  6. to start (school, work, etc).

Adverb Edit

เข้า (kâo)

  1. used to indicate an increasing degree.
  2. together; altogether.

Etymology 2 Edit

Noun Edit

เข้า (kâo)

  1. Obsolete form of ข้าว (kâao).