Originally a contraction of いらせらる (iraseraru), itself an honorific conjugation of 入ら (ira, the 未然形 (mizenkei, imperfective) of verb iru, “to come in, to go in; to arrive; to be in a place”) + (se, the 未然形 (mizenkei, imperfective) of honorific auxiliary verb su) + らる (raru, the older form of passivizing auxiliary verb rareru, here serving as another honorific).[1][2]



いらっしゃる (intransitive, irregular conjugation, rōmaji irassharu)

  1. (honorific) to go
    • 1994, Uchida, Yasuo, 三州吉良殺人事件 (Sanshū Kira Satsujin Jiken, “Murder in Kira, Sanshū”) (in Japanese), Tōkyō: Kadokawa Shoten Publishing Co., Ltd, ISBN 4-0416-0730-2, ISBN 9784041607305 Invalid ISBN, pages 304:
      孫娘 (まごむすめ) ()をよじらんばかりに恐縮 (きょうしゅく)して、「あの、これからどちらへいらっしゃるのでしょうか?」と ()いた。
      Magomusume wa mi o yojiran bakari ni kyōshuku shite, “Ano, kore kara dochira e irassharu no deshō ka?” to kiita.
      The granddaughter asked, so shyly that she was practically writhing, "Um, where might you be going next?"
  2. (honorific) to come
    • 1977, Ushio, Michio, 美しい村 (Utsukushii Mura, “Beautiful Village”)[1] (in Japanese), Google Play Books, page 351:
      でも一体 (いったい)何時 (なんじ)ごろあなた (がた)はこちらへいらっしゃるのかしら?
      Demo ittai, nanji goro anatagata wa kochira e irassharu no kashira?
      But then, around what time would you be coming, I wonder?
  3. (honorific) to be
    山田 (やまだ)さんがいらっしゃいますでしょうか。
    Yamada-san ga irasshaimasu deshō ka.
    Is Yamada-san there? (such as when telephoning a place of business)
    元気 (げんき)いらっしゃいますか。
    O-genki de irasshaimasu ka.
    Are you doing well?


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Usage notesEdit

As listed above, this term can variously mean going, coming, or being in one place. Which meaning is intended depends on context. Compare お出で (​oide) of similarly broad and context-dependent meaning.



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