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Etymology 1Edit


うつ (godan conjugation, rōmaji utsu)

  1. 打つ: hit, strike, beat
  2. 討つ: defeat, kill
  3. 撃つ: shoot, fire
  4. 撃つ: attack (sometimes spelled 討つ or 打つ)

Etymology 2Edit

For pronunciation and definitions of うつ – see the following entry.
[noun](psychiatry) depression
[affix]dense (growth); lush; luxuriant
[affix]accumulate; stagnate
[affix]depression; gloom; melancholy
(This term, うつ, is the hiragana spelling of the Sino-Japanese term.)
For a list of all kanji with on'yomi うつ, not just those used in Sino-Japanese terms, see Category:Japanese kanji with on reading うつ.