Japanese edit

Noun edit

かう (kau

  1. 迦烏, 加烏: (obsolete) a score of nine in certain kinds of card gambling: カブ (kabu) in modern Japanese
  2. 寡雨: little rainfall, limited precipitation
  3. 花雨: a rain of flowers; rain falling on flowers

Verb edit

かう (kaugodan (stem かい (kai), past かった (katta))

  1. 飼う: to keep (an animal)
  2. 買う, 代う, 換う: to buy something
  3. 代う, 換う, 替う: to exchange something
  4. 交う: to take turns, to mingle together; to exchange, to mix
  5. 肯う: to affirm, to consent to something, to approve something
  6. 支う: to support something; to bolt or lock something

Verb edit

かうする (kau surusuru (stem かう (kausuru shi), past かうした (kausuru shita))

  1. 花雨: to rain flowers