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かい (rōmaji -kai)

  1. : occurrences
  2. : games, rounds, innings in baseball
  3. : floor, storey


かい (rōmaji kai)

  1. : shell
  2. : world
  3. : story, floor
  4. : oar
  5. : meeting
  6. 甲斐:
  7. : sea, ocean


かい (rōmaji kai)

  1. かい: (familiar) marks a non-rhetorical question, which expects a 'yes' or a 'no' answer, a variant of question particle (ka)
    元気 (げんき)かい
    Genki kai?
    Are you fine?
    あの (おんな) () ()があるかい
    Ano onna no ko ni ki ga aru no kai.
    Are you interested in that girl?
     (かれ)はもう ()かい
    Kare wa mō kita kai?
    Has he come yet?
    本当 (ほんとう)出来 (でき)るのかい
    hontō ni dekiru no kai?
    Can you really do it?

Usage notesEdit

  • The question marker かい (kai) is sometimes written as かえ (kae), but it's less common.


かい (rōmaji -kai)

  1. : meeting
  2. : floor, storey
  3. : the world of something, such as business, celebrities, or finance
  4. : revision