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こうし (rōmaji kōshi)

  1. 口試: oral test
  2. 光子: photon
  3. 講師: instructor, lecturer
  4. 格子: lattice, grid
  5. 甲子: begining of the sexagenary cycle
  6. 庚子: 37th of the sexagenary cycle
  7. 公私: public and private things
  8. 公子: child of noble family
  9. 公使: minister (a diplomat)
  10. 公司: Chinese firm
  11. 公試: test for ships
  12. 行使: use, exercise
  13. 皓歯: white tooth
  14. 後嗣: offspring, progeny
  15. 後肢: hind leg
  16. 後翅: hind wing
  17. 高士: noble-minded person
  18. 高師: high normal school
  19. 嚆矢: signal arrow
  20. 工師: engineer
  21. 厚志: kindness
  22. 考試: test
  23. 考思: thinking
  24. 紅紫: crimson and violet
  25. 孝志: kindness to one's parents
  26. 孝子: child dutiful to his parents
  27. 皇子: imperial prince
  28. 皇嗣: imperial successor
  29. 香資: money offered to a dead person at a funeral
  30. 港市: harbour city
  31. 鉱滓: slag

こうし (rōmaji koushi)

  1. 子牛, 小牛, 仔牛: calf; small cow

Proper nounEdit

こうし (rōmaji Kōshi)

  1. 孔子: Confucius
  2. 交子: Jiaozi