middle; center; within; among; in; while (doing sth); during; China; Chinese; hit (the mark)
11 a.m.-1 p.m.; 7th earthly branch; noon
simp. and trad.




  1. noon; midday
    中午約會 / 中午约会  ―  zhōngwǔ yǒu ge yuēhuì.  ―  I have a date at noon.


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Dialectal synonyms of 中午 (“noon”)
Variety Location Words
Mandarin Beijing 晌午中午
Taiwan 中午
Jinan 晌午
Xi'an 晌午晌午端
Wuhan 中時中午
Chengdu 晌午
Yangzhou 中上
Hefei 中午中晌
Cantonese Guangzhou 晏晝
Hong Kong 晏晝
Taishan 晏晝
Yangjiang 晏晝
Gan Nanchang 當晝
Hakka Meixian 當晝當晝頭晝邊
Miaoli (N. Sixian) 當晝當晝頭
Liudui (S. Sixian) 當晝當晝頭
Hsinchu (Hailu) 當晝當晝頭
Dongshi (Dabu) 當晝當晝頭
Zhuolan (Raoping) 當晝當晝頭
Yunlin (Zhao'an) 當晝當晝時當晝時頭
Jin Taiyuan 晌午中午
Min Bei Jian'ou 當晝
Min Dong Fuzhou 中晝日晝日頭晝
Min Nan Quanzhou 下晝日晝中晝
Xiamen 下晝日晝日中晝日當晝中晝
Zhangzhou 下晝日晝日中晝中晝
Taipei 中晝透中晝
Kaohsiung 中晝透中晝透中晝心
Tainan 中晝透中晝
Taichung 中晝透中晝
Yilan 中晝透中晝
Lukang 中晝透中晝晝矣
Sanxia 透中晝
Kinmen 中晝此中晝
Magong 中晝
Hsinchu 中晝
Wu Suzhou 中浪
Wenzhou 日晝
Xiang Changsha 中時候中午
Shuangfeng 晚飯時家晌午