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Grade: S
けた > げた
Grade: S
井桁: the wooden frame around the wellhead is the igeta.
井桁: the igeta shape of crossed beams in the ceiling of the US Library of Congress.
井桁: the Igeta family crest.


Compound of ‎(i, well, as in a water source) +‎ ‎(keta, beam, girder), from the way that four stout wooden beams would be crossed to form the top of a wellhead, similar in shape to a tic-tac-toe board.

The keta changes to geta as an instance of rendaku (連濁).



井桁 ‎(hiragana いげた, romaji igeta, historical hiragana ゐげた)

  1. a puteal: a wellhead for a water well, traditionally consisting of a wooden enclosure framed along the top, and possibly bottom, with stout wooden beams crossed at the ends
  2. the symbols #, , or
  3. a pattern similar to the symbol #, such as the shape of the crossed beams on a beam or coffered ceiling
  4. a kind of 家紋 ‎(kamon, family seal) featuring such a symbol
  5. the number four in the argot of fishmongers
    Possibly from the way that the character has four strokes, and the way that ‎(keta) also means digit.
  6. an advanced remodelling technique for the chassis of a miniature four-wheel-drive racing model, consisting of a reinforcement similar in shape to a traditional Japanese wellhead

Proper nounEdit

井桁 ‎(hiragana いげた, romaji Igeta, historical hiragana ゐげた)

  1. a surname


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