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Grade: 3

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Alternative formsEdit


The 連用形 (ren'yōkei, continuative or stem form) of verb 仕入れる (shiireru, to lay in goods or supplies, to stock up; to teach manners, to discipline, to train), itself a compound of (shi), the ren'yōkei of verb する (suru, to do) + 入れる (ireru, to put in, to bring in).[1]

The character is used as phonetic ateji for its on'yomi of shi.[1]



仕入れ (hiragana しいれ, rōmaji shiire)

  1. purchasing, stocking (in preparation to sell)
  2. teaching, training, discipline
  3. preparing, preparations
  4. ready-made goods

Derived termsEdit


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