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to divide; minute; (a measure word)
to divide; minute; (a measure word); (a unit of leng)
to make into; to change into; ‑ization
to make into; to change into; ‑ization; to ... ‑ize; to transform
trad. (分化)
simp. #(分化)
anagram 化分

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  1. (ergative) to split up; to break up; to divide; to diverge; to differentiate

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  1. polarisation; divergence
    貧富分化贫富分化  ―  pínfù fēnhuà  ―  polarisation of the rich and the poor

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Kanji in this term
Grade: 2

Grade: 3

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(ぶん)() (bunka

  1. specialization

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(ぶん)()する (bunka surusuru (stem (ぶん)() (bunka shi), past (ぶん)()した (bunka shita))

  1. specialise
  2. become differentiated

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