Chinese edit

bent; feel wronged
clothes; dress; garment
clothes; dress; garment; submit; take (medicine)
simp. and trad.
alternative forms 屈伏

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Verb edit


  1. to surrender; to yield; to concede
  2. (engineering, materials science, of a material specimen) to yield

Synonyms edit

  • (to surrender):

Antonyms edit

  • (to surrender):

Descendants edit

Sino-Xenic (屈服):
  • Korean: 굴복(屈服) (gulbok)

Japanese edit

Kanji in this term
くつ > くっ
Grade: S
ふく > ぷく
Grade: 3
Alternative spelling

Etymology edit

From Middle Chinese 屈服 (MC kjut|khjut bjuwk, literally “bend; crouch + submit; obey”). Compare modern Hakka reading khiut-fu̍k.

The modern reading kuppuku is a shift from earlier kutsubuku.

Pronunciation edit

Noun edit

(くっ)(ぷく) (kuppuku

  1. surrender, submission, or subjection (as to a ruler or other authority)
  2. prostration, kowtowing

Verb edit

(くっ)(ぷく)する (kuppuku surusuru (stem (くっ)(ぷく) (kuppuku shi), past (くっ)(ぷく)した (kuppuku shita))

  1. to surrender, submit, or subject oneself (as to a ruler or other authority)
  2. to prostrate oneself

Conjugation edit

References edit

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