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Kanji in this term
Grade: 3
Grade: 2
かさ > がさ
Grade: S

Alternative formsEdit


相合傘 (hiragana あいあいがさ, rōmaji aiaigasa)

  1. Sharing an umbrella, especially in a romantic situation.
    相合傘 (あいあいがさ) (さん) ()している二人 (ふたり) (むこ)うに ()えます。
    Aiaigasa de sanpo shiteiru futari ga mukō ni miemasu.
    You can see a couple walking together under an umbrella over there.
  2. A slang term to indicate that two people are going out together.
    その二人 (ふたり)はもう相合傘 (あいあいがさ)だわ。
    Sono futari wa mō aiaigasa da wa.
    Those two are already sharing an umbrella, don't you know.

Usage notesEdit

相合傘 has a strong romantic implication, which stems from the fact that it is a play on words. The first two characters are pronounced あい (ai), which is homonymic of the word  (あい) (ai), which means love, and thus the connotation is that both people under the umbrella are in love.

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