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Kanji in this term

Grade: 3
あか > っか
Grade: 1


From 真っ (ma'-, truly) +‎ (aka, red).


  • (Irregular reading)

Adjectival nounEdit

真っ赤 (-na inflection, hiragana まっか, rōmaji makka)

  1. bright red
  2. deep red
    • 2000 April 20, “ほのおらうおおガメ [Fire-Eating Giant Turtle]”, in Magic Ruler -魔法の支配者-, Konami:
       () () (こう) () (とく) (ちょう)のカメ。 (ほのお) ()べると ()われている。
      Makka na kōra ga tokuchō no kame. Honō o taberu to iwareteiru.
      A turtle with a distinctively deep red shell. It is said to feed on fire.
    • 2000 April 20, “レッド・ドラゴン [Red Dragon]”, in Magic Ruler -魔法の支配者-, Konami:
      ファイヤーボールをはき (あた)りを () (うみ)にする、 () ()ドラゴン。
      Faiyā bōru o haki atari o hi no umi ni suru, makka na doragon.
      A crimson dragon that spits fire balls to make seas of fire.
  3. outright; downright



真っ赤 (hiragana まっか, rōmaji makka)

  1. bright red
  2. deep red
     () ()になる
    makka ni naru
    to blush; for one's face to go red
    (literally, “to become very red”)
  3. outrightness

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