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Hangul Syllables

쪠 ←→ 쫘

Korean Edit

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Pronunciation Edit

  • (SK Standard/Seoul) IPA(key): [t͡ɕ͈o̞k̚]
    • (file)
  • Phonetic hangul: []
Revised Romanization?jjok
Revised Romanization (translit.)?jjog
Yale Romanization?ccok

Etymology 1 Edit

First attested in the Gyechuk ilgi (癸丑日記 / 계축일기), c. 1600 , as Early Modern Korean  (Yale: ccwok).

Dependent noun Edit


  1. side
  2. direction of approach or movement

Etymology 2 Edit

First attested in the Bak Tongsa eonhae (朴通事諺解 / 박통사언해), 1677, as Early Modern Korean ᄧᅩᆨ (Yale: pcwok).

Noun Edit


  1. a part, piece
  2. page
Derived terms Edit
  • 쪽지 (jjokji, “note, slip of paper”)

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Etymology 3 Edit

Intensive form of (jok).

Ideophone Edit

Ablaut/harmonic pair
Yin-form (jjuk)
Yang-form (jjok)
Consonant set
Plain (jok)
Intensive (jjok)


  1. (of small objects) in a manner indeed arranged in a row; while indeed arranging in a row
  2. (of a recitation or story) without any sort of break; in one single seating
  3. (of a small thing) tearing in one forceful continuous stroke
  4. (of a small amount of liquid) sucking or gulping in one forceful continuous stroke
  5. (of a small thing) stretching in a broad manner
  6. looking over in a forceful glance (over a relatively small area)
  7. (of a small object) while being split or cut in a single stroke
  8. while being drained (both literally and metaphorically)
  9. fashionably; sexily
Derived terms Edit

Etymology 4 Edit


Ideophone Edit


  1. (onomatopoeia) while kissing once
Derived terms Edit
  • 쪽쪽 (jjokjjok, “while repeatedly kissing”)

Etymology 5 Edit

Noun Edit


  1. (vulgar) face
Derived terms Edit