• IPA(key): /ɕ/
  • (file)
  • Syllabification: ś

Etymology 1Edit

Derived from Old Polish jeś, from Proto-Slavic *esi.


  1. Second-person singular verb suffix.
Usage notesEdit
  • In colloquial usage, this suffix may be detached from the verb (leaving the verb in a third-person form), and instead attached to an adverbial, predicative or other word. The verb may be even omitted altogether; in that case, it is implied to be być (to be).
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Etymology 2Edit

Inherited from Old Polish , from Proto-Slavic *si. Cognate with Kashubian -s, Slovincian .


  1. Appended to relative/interrogative pronouns to form indefinite pronouns
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Etymology 3Edit


(feminine -sia)

  1. used to form nicknames
    Jan + ‎ → ‎Jaś
    Krzysztof + ‎ → ‎Krzyś
    Adam + ‎ → ‎Adaś

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