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Hungarian verbs that provide additional conjugations for other verbs.

Hungarian auxiliary verbs and related words:

  • (personal) akar (want), bír (able to, colloquial), fog (going to), mer (dare), szokik (here formally in the past: szokott (usually do)), tud (can, able to)
  • (impersonal) kell (must, have to, be needed), sikerül (succeed, manage to), szabad (allowed), tetszik (appeal, be liked) (and their forms, e.g. tessék, tessenek, kellett etc.)
  • adjectives and nouns used (partly) in place of English auxiliary verbs:
  • derivative suffix: -hat/-het (may, can)

If the person is supplied with impersonal constructions, it is expressed with the dative (-nak/-nek and/or by adding personal suffixes to the infinitive of the main verb.

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