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Stühle in Mexiko — Chairs in Mexico.


From Middle High German stuol, from Old High German stuol, from Proto-Germanic *stōlaz. Cognate with Dutch stoel, English stool, Swedish stol; ultimately from Proto-Indo-European *steh₂- and thus related to stehen.


  • IPA(key): /ʃtuːl/
  • (file)


Stuhl m (genitive Stuhles or Stuhls, plural Stühle, diminutive Stühlchen n)

  1. a chair (to sit on)
    Ich habe die ganze Zeit auf meinem Stuhl gesessen!
    I've been sitting on my chair the whole time!
  2. a chair (professorship)
    Professor Martin wurde überraschend auf den Stuhl berufen.
    Surprisingly, Professor Martin received the professorship.
  3. (euphemistic, mainly used in medical professions) feces, stool
    Herr Urkwicz hatte heute wieder sehr weichen Stuhl. — Today Mr Urkwicz again had very soft feces.


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