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From Latin faecēs, nominative plural of faex (residue, dregs), further origin unknown; possibly borrowed from a substrate language.

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feces pl (plural only) (Canada, US)

  1. Digested waste material (typically solid or semi-solid) discharged from a human or mammal's stomach to the intestines; excrement.

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  • This word can be used with plural verbs ("feces have a strong smell") or singular ones ("feces has a strong smell"). Use with plural verbs is more common, especially in Britain, and is the only use recognized by some dictionaries,[1] while others recognize both plural and singular use.[2]
  • A singular form faex is rarely used, in some academic contexts, particularly when the spelling faeces is used for the plural.

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Latin edit

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  1. nominative/accusative/vocative plural of fēx

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feces m pl

  1. plural of fez