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  1. (metrology) Symbol for terasiemens, an SI unit of electrical conductance equal to 1012 siemens.



TS (not comparable)

  1. Abbreviation of transsexual.
    • 1996, Zachary I. Nataf, Lesbians talk transgender, page 26:
      To want such genitals is to want the genitals of a TS man and not those of a genetic man. What is offered by the surgeons as a compromise instead of a fully functioning penis becomes for some FTMs an instance of transgender pride []
    • 2000, Viviane Namaste, Invisible Lives: The Erasure of Transsexual and Transgendered People, page 179:
      Just like any other form of prejudice and discrimination, if some non-transsexual women are threatening the safety of a TS woman because she is a transsexual, it should be dealt with immediately and efficiently.
    • 2007, Red Jordan Arobateau, Lamentations In The Cool Of The Evening, →ISBN, page 141:
      Many young TS ladies don't just need plastic surgery, []



  1. Abbreviation of transsexual.
  2. Abbreviation of transcript.
  3. Initialism of tough shit.
    • 1991, Jeff Martin, Three Men and a Comic Book (episode of The Simpsons TV series)
      BART: I need $100 for a comic. [] Dad, I want this more than anything.
      HOMER: Well, T.S.
  4. (in ISO standards) Initialism of technical standard.
  5. Initialism of technical specification.
  6. Initialism of top secret.
  7. Initialism of Tourette syndrome.
    • 1992, David E. Comings, Tourette syndrome and human behavior, page 247:
      One mother of a TS boy with encopresis reported It came on suddenly, lasted two weeks and went away just as suddenly, almost like a tic, []
    • 2012, Basal Ganglia Diseases: Advances in Research and Treatment →ISBN, page 237:
      We report (1) [] ; (2) TS boys showed thinner cortex relative to TS girls []
  8. Initialism of Turner syndrome.
  9. Initialism of turbine ship: a steamship powered by steam turbine
  10. Initialism of total station.

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  1. Initialism of Transylvanian Saxon.
    • 1994, Carol Blackshire-Belay, The Germanic Mosaic: Cultural and Linguistic Diversity in Society, page 98:
      [] a beautiful, internationally based folk etymology in Transylvanian Saxon: the French formula de haute volée, "of high rank" [] became Håt-voll-lei, literally "hat full of lei" ( = "rich person") in the TS popular usage.
      The Romanian family name [] is Radu, to which the TS feminine marker -an (HG -in) is attached.




From English transsexual.


T(ティー)S(エス) (tī-esu

  1. (fiction) genderswap; genderbend; sex change



T(ティー)S(エス)する (tī-esu surusuru (stem T(ティー)S(エス) (tī-esu shi), past T(ティー)S(エス)した (tī-esu shita))

  1. (fiction) to undergo a genderswap, genderbend, or sex change
    Yōjo ni tī-esu shitai.
    I wish I could be a little girl.


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TS f

  1. Abbreviation of Tėvynės Sąjunga.




  1. Abbreviation of thạc sĩ.