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From old forms Troyan, Troian, Middle English Troiā̆n, from Old English Trōiān, from Latin Trōiānus, from Trōia (Troy) +‎ -ānus, from Ancient Greek Τροίᾱ (Troíā).



Trojan (plural Trojans)

  1. A native or inhabitant of the ancient city of Troy.
  2. A student (especially an athlete) of the University of Southern California.
  3. (astrophysics) A Trojan asteroid.
  4. (astrophysics) An object residing at a Trojan point.
  5. (computing) A Trojan horse.
  6. (in similes) One who shows great pluck, endurance, strength, etc.
    to study like a Trojan
    • 1600, William Kempe, Kemps nine daies vvonder:
      Farewell he, he was a kinde good fellow, a true Troyan: and it euer be my lucks to meete him at more leaſure, Ile make him full amendes with a Cup full of Canarie.
    • 1837, William Johnson Neale, Gentleman Jack: a naval story, page 193:
      Mortified as he was at this suspension of his plan, he had, at any rate, the full satisfaction of knowing not only that he himself had discharged his duty, but that every one under him had done the same, from Jim Bell, who fought like a Trojan, to little Dewhurst, his aide-de-camp, whose first smell of powder this was.
    • 1893, Robert Louis Stevenson, Tales of the South Seas:
      We have twice had all we wanted in the way of squalls: once, as I came on deck, I found the green sea over the cockpit coamings and running down the companion like a brook to meet me; at that same moment the foresail sheet jammed and the captain had no knife; this was the only occasion on the cruise that ever I set hand to a rope, but I worked like a Trojan, judging the possibility of haemorrhage better than the certainty of drowning.
    • 2014, R. Shelton Mackenzie, Bits of Blarney, →ISBN, page 49:
      Leave all to me, and I'll bring you through it like a Trojan.




Trojan (not comparable)

  1. Of, or relating to, the famed city of Troy or its inhabitants.
  2. Involving great strength or endurance.
    • 2009, D. P. Greene, Couples, page 104:
      You know you should get up but the thought of making your way to the bathroom to wash is like a trojan task. Why bother?
  3. (astrophysics) Of, or relating to, a Trojan point.
  4. (programming) Of, or relating to, a certain type of malware.


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From Latin Trōiānus.


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Trojan m pers or f

  1. A masculine surname​.
  2. A feminine surname​.


Masculine surname:

The feminine surname is indeclinable.