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From a- +‎ rapar.

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Verb Edit

arrapar (first-person singular present arrapo, past participle arrapat)

  1. to take away, to carry away
  2. to scratch, to remove
    Synonym: esgarrapar
  3. (reflexive) to cling
    Synonym: aferrar-se
    • 2002, Albert Sánchez Piñol, chapter 7, in La pell freda, La Campana, →ISBN:
      S'arrapen a l'escorça dels arbres, com els musclos a les roques, i necessito extreure'ls amb una navalla.
      They cling to the bark of the trees, like the mussels do to the rocks, and I need to take them off them with a knife.

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Ladino Edit

Verb Edit


  1. to shave
  2. to cut hair (Monastir)

Related terms Edit

  • ande se arrapa el guerko (where the devil shaves)