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a- +‎ symptomatic

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asymptomatic (not comparable)

  1. (pathology) Not exhibiting any symptoms of disease, as for example in subclinical cases.
    Synonym: symptomless
    Antonym: symptomatic

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asymptomatic (plural asymptomatics)

  1. A patient who exhibits no symptoms of disease.
    • 2015 July 8, Rachel Jenkins et al., “Prevalence of malaria parasites in adults and its determinants in malaria endemic area of Kisumu County, Kenya”, in Malaria Journal[1], volume 14, →DOI:
      Despite these efforts, such a high adult prevalence of parasites emphasises the relevance of the adult malaria parasite reservoir on the transmission of disease in both children and adults and it supports the need for further consideration and research evaluation of treatment of asymptomatics, including approaches such as intermittent screening and treatment (IST) as part of an integrated malaria control programme, if malaria elimination is to be achieved.

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asymptomatic (not comparable)

  1. asymptomatic