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From Malay buang (throw away, discard).


(Singapore) IPA(key): /ˈbuːʌŋ/


buang (third-person singular simple present buangs, present participle buanging, simple past and past participle buanged)

  1. (Singapore, colloquial, informal) To discard or throw something out.
    • 2004, Kilometric, “Singapore Birth Rate”, in googlegroups[1]:
      The RSAF attachment in France and Australia is a very good example. If they are in Singapore, many of these RSAF wives will not bother to have babies at all. Likewise in Batam, Singapore men are known to "buang sperm" like water over there.
    • 2004, Xiaxue, “Blogging TV Critic!”, in[2]:
      Being the deep-thinking intellectual I am, I sat in front of my telly, contemplating certain important issues before setting out to watch the 9 o'clock show - The Champion, starring the voluptuous Fiona Xie, no-breasted Jeanette Aw, and cute Toro Tan (I don't know Toro's surname so I anyhow buang).
    • 2008, Ahleebabasingaporethief, “Govt 'may take stake in Marina IR' – shame, shame”, in sammyboy[3]:
      Heard the Marina IR 3 Tombstones was built exactly like tombstones to buang sway for the decision makers.
    • 2010, Yoshi_fanboy, “NUS ppl lip lai”, in[4]:
      I have already buanged two midterms liao.
    • 2015, Gwee Li Sui, “SinGweesh on Wednesday”, in[5]:
      Soon after, two other forms came into play: “anyhow whack” and “anyhow pong”. These two terms are an improvement because they buang the whole need to remember and name the action verb itself.
    • 2015, Gwee Li Sui, “My Singlish Jubilee Wish”, in[6]:
      Multicultural means what? Means that, if you buang Singlish, everyone will be left with his or her own thing. The Angmohs and Eurasians and jiak kentangs will talk in England.



Alternate formsEdit

  • boang



  1. A crazy person
  2. A mentally challenged person
  3. A hippie
  4. A fool



  1. (offensive) stupid, crazy, idiot, insane, foolish, nonsense

Related TermsEdit

  1. tanga
  2. ulol
  3. abno


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buang (Jawi spelling بواڠ)

  1. to discard, reject, or throw away.