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dog +‎ -man


dogman (plural dogmen)

  1. (Australia) An assistant to a crane operator, responsible for securing the crane's load and directing the operator.
    • 1998, Meredith Burgmann, Verity Burgmann, Green Bans, Red Union: Environmental Activism and the New South Wales Builders Labourers′ Federation, page 108,
      Accordingly, during 1972 the union embarked upon a concerted campaign to enforce the use of two dogmen on each crane.
    • 2005, Henry Pollack, The Accidental Developer: The Fascinating Rise to the Top of Mirvac Founder Henry Pollack, page 243,
      The usual crane crew required for operation of the site was one crane driver and two dogmen, but the BLF insisted that the builder keep a relief crane driver and a relief dogman permanently on site.
    • 2010, Raymond D. Clements, Aussie Rogue, page 59,
      The only work I had done as a dogman was to use a crane on the back of a truck ‘slinging loads’ and work the crane and truck myself.
  2. A man who trains dogs to fight for sport.





  1. accusative singular of dogma