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ent- +‎ ziehen



entziehen (class 2 strong, third-person singular simple present entzieht, past tense entzog, past participle entzogen, past subjunctive entzöge, auxiliary haben)

  1. to revoke (a right or permission)
    Man wird der Mutter das Sorgerecht entziehen und dem Vater zusprechen.
    Custody will be withdrawn from the mother and granted to the father.
  2. to withdraw (to remove, stop providing)
    Nach dem Diebstahl von Büromaterial entzog der Chef seiner Sekretärin das Vertrauen.
    After the theft of office material, the boss stopped trusting (lit. "withdrew his trust from") his secretary
  3. to extract (to withdraw by a mechanical or chemical process)
    Alkohol entzieht dem Körper Wasser.
    Alcohol extracts water from the body.
  4. (reflexive) to shirk, escape, avoid (one's responsibilities, the consequences of one's actions, etc.)
    Der Mörder wird sich seiner Verantwortung nicht entziehen können.
    The murderer will not be able to shirk his responsibility.


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